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FanChants Turkey FC Index Of Football Chants

Turkey FanChants FC Index of the top football chants. Our unique formula for listing the top soccer songs as and when they come out.

34 Fenerbahçe Turkey Millions of Fans Side by Side Classic Fenerbahçe chant Playlist
94 Fenerbahçe Turkey Our Last Word Is Fenerbahce Brilliant chant from Fenerbahçe fans Playlist
131 Fenerbahçe Turkey Both Eagles Anti Galatasaray and Beşiktaş Playlist
141 Fenerbahçe Turkey Songs, Day and Night Love of Fenrbahçe Playlist
145 Fenerbahçe Turkey Beat Hurt, Smash Another great chant from Fenerbahce Playlist
154 Beşiktaş Turkey Loving Besiktas Is Indescribable One of our favourites Playlist
178 Beşiktaş Turkey We Want to See You Champion This Year! Great chant for Beşiktaş fans Playlist
278 Beşiktaş Turkey Eagles Score, Score, Score NEW We are the Black Eagles. The basic chants are always the best. Makes a great ringtone for a Besiktas fan Playlist
379 Bursaspor Turkey We Are Drunk Bursaspor is the greatest! Playlist
405 Turkey Turkey Mesut Özil Great chant for someone who doesn't like Mesut Özil Playlist
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482 Turkey Turkey Sehit's Don't Die This is used by whole country against terrorism issues. "Sehit" means a person who dies for his country, while serving for Turkey, according to Islam it's the most sacred degree for a human soul to reach. Playlist
619 Bursaspor Turkey Ole, Ole Score Against Manchester Funny chant Playlist
653 Bursaspor Turkey Freak Us Again This Year Bursaspor' chant. Crocodile is symbol of the team. Bursaspor is 5. champion of Turkish Super League Playlist
700 Trabzonspor Turkey Burgundy! Blue! Our blood is burgundy and blue Playlist
1002 Fenerbahçe Turkey Fenerbahce I Won't Abandon You FENERBAHCE! Playlist
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