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Green and Black football scarf
Adım Adım Gidiyoruz Zafere Bu şarkı Kocaelispor borçları sebebiy...
Green and Black football scarf
İzmit Körfezi Kocaelispor tribünün en iyi besteleri...
Green and Black football scarf
Körfezim Bak İşte Kocaelispor'un tek taraftar grubu Hod...
Green and Black football scarf
Enkazlardan Çıkıp Sevdiys... 1999 Kocaeli Depremi şehir için hala ...

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Green and Black football scarf

Kocaelispor Kulübü

15241 Adım Adım Gidiyoruz Zafere

This song was created by ''Hodri Meydan'' after Kocaelispor had been eliminated from professional league to amateur one. This song was inspired from motto of campaing which was started for the team's returning to old days

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Song Lyrics

Renklerin bizi bizden alan,
Formadaki arma tutkudur inan,
Vazgeçme, sen asla pes etme!
Adım adım gidiyoruz zafere...
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